James T. Harris on Katie Hobbs’s dark-money inauguration: “Man, we’re about to have a crazy four years here”

PHOENIX — Popular radio host James T. Harris spoke Thursday morning about the secret donors funding Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’s inauguration.

Harris, host of “The Conservative Circus,” highlighted the revelation of new public records that suggest two 501(c)(4) entities could be the key to unlocking the secret funding behind Hobbs’s inauguration.

“Man, we’re about to have a crazy four years here,” he said on the air. “Why can’t we know these lobbyists? Why can’t we know these campaign donors?”

Harris was kind enough to add in the following hour that listeners “can go to StopKatieHobbs.com and read about all that’s going on with this new administration” — and, on that note, readers of this blog can listen to “The Conservative Circus” on News Talk 550 KFYI!