Katie Hobbs mocks Republican legislators as “immature”

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs mocked state legislators as “immature” Friday and repeated her threats to veto Republican bills whose sponsors she does not like.

The comments came during a press conference at which the governor announced an indefinite pause on all executions. While she refused to answer some questions from journalists in attendance, such as her personal position on the death penalty, she responded to a question about whether her agency nominees “will be welcomed by the legislature.”

“It’s unfortunate that the legislature has chosen this early on to be as, frankly, immature and unwilling to work with us as they have demonstrated,” Hobbs said. “The legislature so far has not indicated their willingness to do that, at least not publicly, and it’s unfortunate because we have a lot of tough issues to tackle.”

The Democrat was then asked about whether she has “leverage … with the Freedom Caucus.”

“Well, if they want to get any of their bills passed, they’re going to have to work with me,” Hobbs responded. “I have a veto stamp in my office.”

Hobbs repeatedly has threatened to veto Republican-sponsored bills as leverage without success, an antagonistic posture resembling her failed power play against the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry after which the Democrat was mocked by capitol insiders as “incredibly weak.”