In victory speech, Katie Hobbs finally acknowledges ‘border crisis’ and ‘skyrocket’ inflation under Joe Biden

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs delivered a speech to campaign supporters November 15 declaring victory in the Arizona gubernatorial race.

In the speech, Hobbs acknowledged the “skyrocket” inflation that has occurred under the Biden administration — including “rising costs on housing and groceries” — and told taxpayers that she will “put more money back in your pockets” as governor. She also pledged to “provide our border communities with the resources they need” and conceded that there is, in fact, “a border crisis” in Arizona, backtracking from a June 2021 interview with 3TV’s Dennis Welch during which Hobbs had demurred when asked if problems at the border constituted a “crisis.”

Hobbs then praised her Democratic successor, stating, “I’m thrilled to know that I will be handing the keys of the Secretary of State’s Office to Adrian Fontes.”