Katie Hobbs staffer saves timid boss from death penalty question: “She said she’s not going to tell you!”

PHOENIX — Have no fear! The violent criminals awaiting justice on death-row have been thrown a lifeline, courtesy of Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs — but, for the love of God, do not ask her any questions about it.

Hobbs, in partnership with Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes, announced Friday that all executions have been put on hold until further notice and that a review of the state’s capital punishment processes will be conducted by an independent commissioner.

However, the Democrat refused to disclose her own position on the death penalty when asked at a press conference following the announcement, stating: “I don’t necessarily think that’s relevant here … We just want to make sure that we’re studying the practices.”

Hobbs did an involuntary deer-in-headlines impression after a reporter in the audience pressed for more details about her death-penalty position, which is right around the time a staff member jumped in to save her.

“She said she’s not going to tell you!” the female staffer shouted. “How many times you want her to say the same thing?”

“Don’t make me use this boot,” Hobbs yelled at the journalists, who responded like a pack of laughing hyenas before moving on.

You can see a video of the exchange below: