Members of Katie Hobbs inaugural committee donated $100,000+ to her campaign

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs announced the members of her inaugural committee on November 30, a roster that includes lobbyists and campaign donors.

There are at least six current and former lobbyists on the inaugural committee: Reginald Ballantyne III, Mario Diaz, Fred DuVal, Neil Giuliano, John Graham, and Ron Ober.

The committee also includes 21 donors to the Democrat’s gubernatorial campaign: Moe Asnani, Diaz, Veronica De La O, Toni Denis, DuVal, Pam Grissom, Daryl Kling, Lewis Guthrie, Nestor Guzman, Susan Guzman, Sharon Harper, Oliver Harper, Kim Khoury, Simon Kottoor, Elizabeth Kottoor, Francis Najafi, Dionne Najafi, Ober, Victor Smith, Benee Hilton-Spiegel, and David Tedesco. In total, these individuals have contributed at least $100,295 to Hobbs since 2021 alone.

A table containing the itemized campaign contributions can be found by clicking the “Continue reading →” line.

The remaining members of the inaugural committee not listed above are Andy Denis, Jennifer DuVal, Kathleen Graham, Balbir Grewal, Gizette Knight, Donalyn Milkes, Gail Gordon, William Perry, and Jay Spiegel. Hobbs recently named several campaign donors to her transition team and as her chief of staff as well.

You can see the committee members’ relevant contributions below:

Benee Hilton-SpiegelElect Katie Hobbs1/11/21$2,600.00
Nestor GuzmanElect Katie Hobbs1/13/21$4,200.00
Toni DenisElect Katie Hobbs1/26/21$500.00
Daryl KlingElect Katie Hobbs1/31/21$100.00
Toni DenisElect Katie Hobbs2/26/21$500.00
Daryl KlingElect Katie Hobbs3/19/21$5,000.00
Lewis GuthrieElect Katie Hobbs3/19/21$5,000.00
Toni DenisElect Katie Hobbs3/26/21$500.00
Toni DenisElect Katie Hobbs4/26/21$500.00
Lewis GuthrieElect Katie Hobbs5/3/21$300.00
Toni DenisElect Katie Hobbs5/26/21$500.00
Kim KhouryElect Katie Hobbs6/2/21$2,500.00
Mario DiazElect Katie Hobbs6/2/21$500.00
Mohit AsnaniElect Katie Hobbs6/4/21$1,000.00
Pam GrissomElect Katie Hobbs7/2/21$2,500.00
Pam GrissomElect Katie Hobbs8/10/21$2,800.00
Ron OberElect Katie Hobbs9/19/21$500.00
Nestor GuzmanElect Katie Hobbs9/21/21$1,100.00
Mohit AsnaniElect Katie Hobbs9/30/21$1,500.00
Mario DiazElect Katie Hobbs10/12/21$2,000.00
Toni DenisElect Katie Hobbs12/3/21$2,800.00
Mohit AsnaniElect Katie Hobbs12/31/21$1,000.00
Mohit AsnaniElect Katie Hobbs12/31/21$1,000.00
Kim KhouryElect Katie Hobbs3/4/22$2,800.00
Mohit AsnaniElect Katie Hobbs3/25/22$795.00
Mario DiazElect Katie Hobbs3/29/22$1,000.00
Victor SmithElect Katie Hobbs3/30/22$5,300.00
Fred DuValElect Katie Hobbs5/31/22$1,000.00
Susan GuzmanElect Katie Hobbs5/31/22$5,300.00
Mario DiazElect Katie Hobbs6/5/22$1,000.00
Mario DiazElect Katie Hobbs8/10/22$800.00
Francis NajafiElect Katie Hobbs8/11/22$1,000.00
Veronica De La OElect Katie Hobbs8/23/22$2,500.00
Francis NajafiElect Katie Hobbs9/7/22$4,300.00
Dionne NajafiElect Katie Hobbs9/7/22$5,300.00
Fred DuValElect Katie Hobbs9/8/22$1,000.00
Ron OberElect Katie Hobbs9/16/22$1,000.00
Sharon HarperElect Katie Hobbs9/20/22$5,300.00
Oliver HarperElect Katie Hobbs9/20/22$5,300.00
Fred DuValElect Katie Hobbs9/23/22$500.00
David TedescoElect Katie Hobbs9/27/22$5,300.00
Ron OberElect Katie Hobbs9/30/22$1,000.00
Fred DuValElect Katie Hobbs10/12/22$1,000.00
Elizabeth KottoorElect Katie Hobbs10/17/22$5,000.00
Simon KottoorElect Katie Hobbs10/17/22$5,000.00
Veronica De La OElect Katie Hobbs10/21/22$2,500.00
Source: Arizona Secretary Of State’s Office