Katie Hobbs certifies election, delivers speech painting political opponents as conspiracy theorists

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs certified the results of Arizona’s 2022 general election on December 5 in her capacity as secretary of state.

Governor Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Chief Justice Brutinel, and State Election Director Election Director Kori Lorick also were present at the event.

Hobbs stated while signing the official canvass documents that “this election was conducted with transparency, accuracy, and fairness” and quickly launched into a political speech painting her critics as part of an “election denial community” that “promote[s] conspiracies.”

“False claims that undermine our democracy remain prevalent,” she added.

The Democrat has dismissed criticism of Maricopa County’s Election Day operations and said in an earlier interview that she will “absolutely not” consider supporting a proposal that would shorten the window for Arizona voters to turn in mail-in ballots, which advocates argue would speed up the counting.