Katie Hobbs hardens opposition to Border Strike Force: “I didn’t vote for the funding in the first place”

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs reiterated Wednesday that she intends to defund the Border Strike Force upon taking office.

When Arizona PBS anchor Ted Simons asked about her position on “defunding the Border Strike Task Force,” Hobbs responded that “I didn’t vote for the funding in the first place” and that there might be “a better way to utilize those resources.”

The comment is the second time that the Democrat has taken this position in recent weeks. It was reported in November that she was “taking a hard look” at defunding the strike force, a collaborative law enforcement effort aimed at protecting borders communities, despite her campaign pledge to the contrary.

Hobbs also told Simons during Wednesday’s interview that she views the shipping containers placed along the U.S.-Mexico border — a stopgap border security measure implemented by Governor Doug Ducey — as “a political stunt” and wondered aloud “how much it costs to remove the shipping containers.” She has staked out this position repeatedly since Election Day.