Katie Hobbs complains J.D. Mesnard being “unfair” with “showdown” comment

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs criticized an Arizona state senator last week for being “unfair” to her ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

During a Wednesday interview with Arizona PBS, Hobbs was asked about Republican lawmakers “saying that you’re deliberately setting up showdowns” by setting unrealistic expectations. The Democrat responded, “I think that’s unfair for them to say that before we even start.”

Anchor Ted Simons was referring to a recent comment from J.D. Mesnard, who represents legislative district 17, accusing Hobbs of “punching us in the face” in order to “excite her base.” Mesnard’s remark came amid the governor-elect back-tracking on her campaign pledge about funding for the Border Strike Force.

Hobbs also told Simons that “I absolutely intend to” use the veto pen as leverage against state legislators. She similarly gloated during a series of post-election interviews that “I won’t hesitate” to do so in order to stop Republican bills in their tracks.