Katie Hobbs calls for lifting of Title 42: It’s “not working”

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs is doubling-down on her call to lift Title 42 and remove the shipping containers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During a December 17 interview with MSNBC, Hobbs acknowledged “the real issues that we’re going to see when Title 42 is lifted next week” but insisted that it should happen anyway, adding, “I’ve been saying all along that Title 42 is not working.”

However, the Democrat has repeatedly changed her position on Title 42 over the past year. In early April, she told 3TV that “Title 42 is not working.” She reversed three weeks later, telling the Arizona Republic that the Biden administration should “reverse this rash decision” to lift Title 42. Another reversal came in October when she told Telemundo that “Title 42 is not immigration policy” and that “I am not sure what issue it’s trying to solve.” Then, earlier this month, she warned 12 News about the influx of illegal immigration “we’re going to face when Title 42 is lifted.”

Alex Witt, the MSNBC anchor, also asked Hobbs for her thoughts about the federal government’s lawsuit against Arizona in response to the state’s placement of shipping containers along the southern border as a stopgap security measure. The governor-elect expressed solidarity with the Biden administration (her longtime position on the issue), calling the containers “a liability for the state” and citing “environmental concerns.”

“We need a real action from Congress to address comprehensive immigration reform,” Hobbs concluded.