Katie Hobbs tells Univision viewers to have a “happy holidays” … “even if you didn’t vote for me”

PHOENIX — Chip on her shoulder, or just socially awkward? Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs told Univision’s audience to have a “happy holidays,” especially those who “didn’t vote for me.”

Hobbs said during a December 17 interview with Univision Arizona anchor León Felipe González that “Latino voters were critical” to her campaign victory and criticized her opponents for pursuing legal challenges related to the election, arguing that “these folks need to stop using our courts” in such a manner. (She told a separate television station ten days earlier that voters across the state “were disenfranchised by the Republican Party.”)

The Democrat laid out her legislative agenda for the coming year, like calling “a special session to repeal Arizona’s pre-Roe ban that criminalizes all abortion” and reversing some of Governor Doug Ducey’s border security initiatives. She said that border security is “a federal issue” and criticized the placement of shipping containers at the border — a stopgap measure in the face of federal inaction — as “a political stunt,” echoing her previous remarks on the topic.

Hobbs closed out the interview by wishing Univision viewers a “happy holidays,” inexplicably adding, “even if you didn’t vote for me.”

Her previous interview with Univision in October was similarly awkward, with Hobbs unable to answer a question about what she has “learned … from the Latino community.” She eventually resigned to a response about “practicing my español — un piquito.”