T.J. Shope: Legislature should “look into” Katie Hobbs dark-money inauguration

PHOENIX — A Republican state senator said Friday that Arizona lawmakers should “look into” the dark-money apparatus that secretly funded Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’s inaugural events.

Hobbs and her campaign were caught “asking donors for as much as $250,000-a-pop” to fund the events surrounding her inauguration, according to 3TV political editor Dennis Welch, which has led to growing calls for an investigation into “how much dark money she raised from special interest groups to pay for her inaugural events.”

The Democrat so far has refused to disclose the donors secretly funding those events.

Senator T.J. Shope, who serves as president pro tempore, explained to Welch that all other elected officials across Arizona, including himself, are required to publicly report political contributions “and that’s the way it should be.”

“I would think that it would be something we might look into,” Shope said of Hobbs’s opaque operation. “We should have the right to know as a citizen what … kind of contributions they’re getting.”

One day earlier, StopKatieHobbs.com exclusively revealed the existence of incorporation filings that might hold the answer, noting that the revelations might “serve as helpful guidance for oversight activities by legislators.”

Hobbs repeatedly threatened to veto Republican bills and implement her agenda “without legislative approval” in recent weeks, increasing tensions with lawmakers and leaving her even further marginalized ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

You can see part of the 3TV segment below: