Katie Hobbs refuses to disclose donors secretly funding her inauguration events

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs quietly acknowledged over the weekend that she will not disclose who is funding the events surrounding her inauguration.

The Democrat’s inaugural committee (“a roster that includes lobbyists and campaign donors”) has been planning the event, scheduled for January 5, since November. Hobbs requested a “celebratory ball” in addition to the ceremonial swearing-in but has “refused to disclose which people or corporations are paying for the party.” She also “has been unwilling to share how much each is paying” to sponsor the ceremony itself, according to Capitol Media Services.

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board wrote this morning that the Democrat has “failed” to “set the tone for Arizona government” by continuing to hide the information from the public, with popular radio host James T. Harris adding that the opacity could be “an indication of what’s to come.”

Hobbs was formally sworn-in Monday during a closed-door ceremony, which she banned reporters from attending. Although the event was private, a video obtained by StopKatieHobbs.com revealed that Hobbs was “unable to take the oath of office without stammering and laughing.”

Thursday’s ceremony will mark only the second public event that the she has attended since the general election. Hobbs most recently attended the Western Governors’ Association’s annual winter meeting, where she accidentally fell asleep on stage.