Katie Hobbs tells NPR she supports guiding illegal immigrants “to their final destination”

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs said on the radio Saturday that Title 42 is “not an issue” and that she supports guiding illegal immigrants “to their final destination.”

During a “Weekend Edition” segment on border security, the Democrat criticized efforts to bus illegal immigrants out of Arizona as a “political stunt” and suggesting providing the migrants with “resources” instead.

“[T]hey are getting on buses with resources, going to Washington, D.C.,” Hobbs said. “I think that a better solution is giving them resources and getting them to their final destination, and that would eliminate a lot of headache.”

NPR host Scott Simon then asked for clarification about the Democrat’s position on Title 42 expulsions: “Are you talking about lifting Title 42, or are you in favor of expanding it in a sense as President Biden did this week?”

“Um,” Hobbs responded, followed by a period of awkward silence. “Oh … well, I mean … right now, it’s not an issue and looks like it’s going to be in place, but that these conversations were in preparation for the possibility that that was going to happen.”

Hobbs has repeatedly changed her position on Title 42 over the past year, with Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels recently slamming her for rubber-stamping the Biden administration’s dangerous open-border policies, which have left the border crisis “the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

You can listen to part of the NPR segment below: