Christine Jones: Being governor “really tricky for somebody” like Katie Hobbs “who’s never been in charge”

PHOENIX — Business executive Christine Jones said Sunday that running state government will be “really tricky for somebody” like Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs who has “never been in charge.”

12 News anchor Brahm Resnik noted on this week’s “Sunday Square Off” that there has been “an open question” floating around the capitol “about Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’s skills … as the state’s chief executive” and whether she can adequately perform the duties of the job.

Jones, the former general counsel and executive vice president at GoDaddy, said, “It’s really tricky for somebody who’s never been in charge or the CEO of this massive of an organization, so I think she really is going to have to rely on leadership in the house and the senate to come around her and support whatever policy agenda she has.”

Jones warned that “vetoing is not helpful” and that Hobbs should avoid becoming “known as the ‘no’ governor.”

However, the Democrat already has threatened to veto Republican bills and impose her policy agenda “without legislative approval.” One Arizona state senator, J.D. Mesnard, accused Hobbs earlier this month of “punching us in the face” ahead of the upcoming legislative session.