‘Stop Katie Hobbs’ video of controversial swearing-in featured on One America News Network

PHOENIX — The video obtained by this website of Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’s controversial swearing-in was featured on One America News Network (OANN) Monday afternoon.

Hobbs had been sworn into office during a closed-door ceremony that morning.

Although the event was private, a video obtained by StopKatieHobbs.com revealed that the Democrat had been “unable to take the oath of office without stammering and laughing.” That video appeared on OANN’s national television network hours later, with the anchor describing her as controversially “bursting out laughing while being sworn-in as Arizona’s governor.”

Hobbs went on a hiring spree in order to fill out her administration ahead of Monday’s event. The public inauguration ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, January 5.

You can see part of the OANN segment below: