James T. Harris: Katie Hobbs controversial swearing-in “an indication of what’s to come”

PHOENIX — Popular radio host James T. Harris said Tuesday morning that Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’s controversial swearing-in could be “an indication of what’s to come.”

Harris, host of “The Conservative Circus,” noted that the Democrat’s swearing-in this week was conducted behind closed doors — “not open to the public” or to the press — and described the lack of transparency as “an indication of what’s to come.”

He also commented on the widely-seen video of Hobbs being “unable to take the oath of office without stammering and laughing.”

“On Monday morning, a group of adults gathered on the Ninth Floor of the Arizona State Executive Tower — and then there was Katie Hobbs,” Harris said on the air. “Katie, unlike all of the children in attendance to see their parents get sworn into office, couldn’t contain herself.”

The Democrat’s public inauguration, which being planned by “a roster that includes lobbyists and campaign donors,” is scheduled for Thursday, January 5.

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