“Er …”: Katie Hobbs forgets the name of her election integrity task force

PHOENIX — Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs stumbled on television Sunday while trying to brag about her election integrity task force … because she couldn’t remember the name of it.

3TV anchor Dennis Welch asked Hobbs during an interview on “Politics Unplugged” about her sour relationship with the Republican-led legislature, many of whose members she has painted as conspiracy theorists.

“Well, I mean, that’s why we right out the gate created the election reform — er … I can’t remember the name of it,” Hobbs responded. “The election task force. The bipartisan election task force?”

The “Governor’s Bipartisan Elections Task Force” — which Hobbs attempted to reference on 3TV — was created via Executive Order 2023-03 on January 6. Three days later, the Arizona Freedom Caucus announced a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of her use of executive orders.

The governor has repeatedly dismissed criticism of Election Day operations in Maricopa County but also marginalized herself from other high-profile Democrats by pushing for Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo, a member of her transition team, as the next chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Hobbs’s awkwardness while failing to remember the name of her election integrity task force comes after she (1) fell asleep on stage at a Western Governors’ Association event; (2) told Univision’s audience to have a “happy holidays” even if they “didn’t vote for me”; (3) found herself unable to finish taking the oath of office due to her uncontrollable giggling; and (4) was mocked by capitol insiders as “incredibly weak” after a failed power play against the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.